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Jodie | 13 Feb 2023 | News | Curium, People
Meet our new colleagues

We’re excited to welcome Zainab, Mark, Natalie, Tracey and Callum to the team and wish them luck in their new roles. As always, we’re confident each new member brings essential knowledge, experience and skills, not to mention the fact their values align perfectly with our own.

As we are an employee owned trust (EOT), when looking to attract talent and select candidates, we’re keen to highlight our culture and values from the outset. This is why our people are always brimming with ideas, passion, drive and innovation. Our newest members have brought in fresh perspectives and ideas as well as a ‘people first’ attitude and we’re proud to have them aboard.

When we say ‘people first’ we are talking about how we work with others but also how we work internally. Making communication clear, keeping up to date on changes and announcements, celebrating wins and being considerate of health & well-being, to name a few.

Here’s what our new members have to say about joining Curium:

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Callum Young

Business Consultant | Curium UK

“I’m really pleased to have joined Curium and this group of inspirational people. Everyone is truly passionate about empowering potential in our clients and in ourselves. The team ship is like nothing I’ve seen before and our values are so strong.”


Tracey McDade

Senior consultant | Curium USA

“I have 25+ years consulting with a variety of organizations, developing and executing training and change strategies to address organizational structure, process, culture and technology. 

I’ll always take a holistic approach which means organizations gain a competitive edge and contribute to a better society by transforming their own cultures. I’m so excited to be part of the team, the culture is amazing!”


Zainab Yunus

Business Consultant | Curium UK

”Curium’s core values and culture are inimitable, a company that has the right tools, expertise, and knowledge to help any company realise their true potential.

Very excited to be here and I look forward to contributing greatly and enjoying my time at Curium.”


Mark Stelmach

Senior Consultant | Curium UK

“Joining curium has been a long term ambition of mine; the opportunity to work in such a truly people focussed organisation, working with clients who feel the same and recognise change cant happen without their people onboard and engaged really does excite me.

The team here are so talented and welcoming, my onboarding has been a dream!” 


Natalie Andrew

Principal Consultant | Curium UK

“I knew from the minute that I connected with Curium’s talented team, that they really do live their values of ‘People First Change’. The EOT status clearly demonstrates this is an organisation that wants to grow together and take collective ownership for creating success – for themselves and the clients they serve.” 

We’re best known for our culture and people and will continue to grow and work with flexibility. By the very nature of our business, our consultants work on location with clients, from the comfort of their homes and/or from one of our offices in the UK or USA. This has allowed for us to take advantage of the talent pool across the country.

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