Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture, what a photograph!

Curium | 07 Mar 2014 | News | General

At a recent Curium Team Day we were given an individual challenge which involved photography, good idea?


Not for me; if you have ever looked through my family photograph albums you will see the same types of photograph but in different contexts all of which include badly taken snaps of family and friends.   Not one could be considered worthy of being put into a photo frame around the house let alone enter into a photographic competition.


What a challenge this is going to be for me.


First things first; a shopping trip! I purchased myself a very smart compact camera, it has lots of megapixels and a lovely button that makes the lens zoom in and out which according to the very patient man in the store will help me with some of the issues explained to him. He told me I could learn more from the easy to follow online instruction manual and so I parted with my hard earned cash and left the store.   On returning home I downloaded the aforesaid manual but to print it off it was going to cost the environment about 3 trees and a couple of shrubs in paper added to this the instructions were not as clear as I was led to believe.  This was proving to be a bigger task than I had first anticipated.


Not to be beaten and still wishing  to be considered  part of the competition I came up with the picture-perfect solution – I will volunteer to judge the entries – after all the winning photographs are to be displayed on the walls in the office where I work so surely I qualify for the role.   I feel this could be the ideal answer.


Now some of you may think I am admitting defeat by dumping my failure to complete the challenge upon my colleagues; not at all; I do not see this as failing the task I see it as entrusting the job to be done by other team members who have an interest in photography and who have the skills and expertise to achieve the required result.


I also recognise my limitations but rather than embarrass myself I am prepared to work to offer a solution by helping to choose the winning selection.    Our office walls will be adorned by fabulous photographs capably chosen by me.


Guess what my husband is having for his birthday – so glad I didn’t choose the very tempting shiny pink camera!


by Lesley Carter, Office Manager

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