Growth through unlocking potential

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Growth through unlocking potential – personal reflections

To celebrate the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s (GBCC) ‘Growth Through Unlocking Potential’ week – part of its ‘Growth Through People‘ campaign – we are sharing some Curium experiences of unlocking potential.

Mentoring and support

First up is Principal Consultant Mark Turner. In his story, a little encouragement and effort helped a colleague deal with his immediate challenges and secure a promotion.

“I helped to resolve some operational problems in a small technical helpdesk. It was where I first wrote what is now Curium’s technical skills workshop.

“The manager (Simon) was new in the role, had no experience of call centres, and nor did any of his direct reports. The result: under-performance. An experienced manager led a much bigger call centre in the company (100 + seats).

“I coached Simon on important contact centre dynamics and delivered a workshop to his team. Excited about his new knowledge, Simon fully embraced the change needed. So did his team.

“A year after I left, I heard Simon had taken the role as head of call centre operations.”

Diversity and unlocking potential

Director and Co-founder James Farrow recorded a couple of video clips to share his thoughts on diversity in the workplace and unlocking potential. He spoke further on this subject at a panel discussion hosted by Wesleyan.

During the event, a panel of experts – Anita Bhalla OBE, Chair of The WMCA Leadership Commission, Lisa Perkins, Head of HR Operations and Business Partner at Wesleyan, Aston Business School PhD student Andrew Marcinko, and James – explored various perspectives on unlocking potential and the power of diversity.

They debated what diversity is, why it matters, and how they predict organisations’ approaches to it will develop and evolve in years to come.

Why am I like that?

Understanding yourself and others is integral to unlocking potential. Behavioural tool and framework TetraMap provides the knowledge and power to transform individual performance and shift the performance of others at an accelerated pace. TetraMap:

  • is simple, memorable and easily applied
  • will be used daily and across different types of challenges
  • uses safe, positive, and inclusive language
  • enables people to recognise themselves in all components of the model and not be pigeon-holed
  • is effective, affordable and engaging for all

In collaboration with the GBCC, we ran a TetraMap taster workshop for 30 leaders from Midlands organisations. To find out how they and others got on, take a look at our TetraMap videos and blogs:

We’re running another TetraMap taster in April and are taking bookings for our next TetraMap Facilitator Certification course.

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