How business transformation can go wrong

Curium | 12 Jul 2017 | News | General News

Founding Director Andy Dawson looks at the results of Curium Solutions’ business transformation survey

Organisations spend £4bn on strategy consultancy in Europe each year. Despite this investment, 95% of employees do not understand their organisation’s strategy.

How then can they implement the transformation needed to bring their company’s strategy to life? Perhaps unsurprisingly, 90% of strategies fail to deliver their intended results.

Research tells us that organisations attempting to change face an uphill struggle. From poor project scoping and design, to fear of the unknown; from lack of leadership to fixed employee mindsets, transformation projects are often hampered from the start.

Is it any wonder then that business transformation projects have a high failure rate? We all know that change is a constant occurrence for today’s organisations, and the pace of change is increasing.

Why do so many organisations struggle to manage and implement change? How do successful organisations deliver the benefits that transform their businesses and keep them ahead of the competition?

Change management has developed as a profession, but does it really address the mindsets and behaviours that impact change?

Our survey of 100 c-suite and senior professionals involved in change identified their organisation’s strategic priorities and its ability to achieve the business transformation needed to deliver them. We discovered that:

  • Just 50% have effective, timely and appropriate structures in place
  • Less than one-third of respondents think that their organisation has an effective change management team
  • Two-thirds doubt their organisation’s ability to communicate change effectively
  • Less than half understand the role of the project manager

Organisations set out with good intentions, plans and governance but, along the delivery road, something goes awry.

Enthusiasm wanes, timetables slip, people carry on as before, and projects that could have delivered real benefit to the organisation end up side-lined.

Read our report to find out more.

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