How much is dependent on Mindset?

Curium | 11 Apr 2014 | News | General

As the world’s top golfers tee off at the start of the 78th US Masters all vying to win the most coveted Green Jacket it got me round to thinking how many of the field have spent just as long working on their mindset as they have on the driving range or the putting green.  The importance of mindset in today’s modern sporting world cannot be underestimated, everyone’s at it……the work that Dr Steve Peters has done with Ronnie O’Sullivan (snooker), the British cycling team (along with Sir Dave Brailsford) and most recently at Liverpool is testament to the influence that mindset has on success.  Let’s hope the engagement of Dr Steve to support the England Football team at the forthcoming World Cup pays dividends.


So we see the focus on mindset is extremely prevalent in the sporting world but how much time and energy is expended on developing the same winning mindset within the business world?  If more time was spent on this across the UK what impact would this have on the wider economy?  An interesting thought no doubt.

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