How your Lego can make you successful

Curium | 26 Sep 2013 | News | General

When you were a kid playing with Lego, it probably didn’t occur to you to stop and think about the ingenious nature of a toy that represents the building blocks of life.


One minute the yellow brick was part of a tree, next a house, next a car…


A block wasn’t restricted by the nature of the shape that it built.


Your natural skills are like that yellow building block. The things you are just good at, your talents.


Odds are, you’ve taken that building block of talent, or hopefully several blocks, and you’ve constructed yourself a career. The challenge I see too often is that people can limit themselves to that career, thinking that the block could only ever belong to that construct.


What if you knocked the construct down?


What if you looked at that strength, that natural talent of yours, and asked yourself the question: what else could I be part of? How else and where else might this talent play out?


My point is not to carelessly knock down the construct of your career just to see what else you could do, it is simply this: do not get caught in the habit of ignoring your natural talents only to wake up one day to reminisce about missed opportunities.


It’s not just a ‘good idea’ to let your talents play out more freely. My belief is that you are obligated to let your talents play out more freely.


Now, go and have fun building something magical.


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