Reason, Season or a Lifetime

Curium | 15 Jul 2016 | News | General

This morning I woke up and as we often do as soon as we open our eyes, I looked at my mobile. I took a few moments to check the time, see any messages and browse Linked in and Facebook. Usually I wake up to affirmations and people’s troubled thoughts in the middle of the night, today however I notice a memory from July 2012. It said “The day after the day before… after 13 years I left the building for the final time! Had a lovely send off from great friends, many fond memories. Now feel excited about what the future holds…Bring it on!”


That summer saw the biggest life changes of my whole life so far, my marriage ended, I sold up my lovely home and decided to take redundancy and step out of a career that took me through my growing up years. This morning I was taken back to that day and those strange emotions, I said the words ‘Bring it on’, however inside I had a fear like I had never known before, alongside a relief that I had made some life decisions that this time were only for me. For probably the first time I had taken control of my own destiny, I had no idea about the journey I was about to embark on.


These four years have been the most challenging and exhilarating I have ever experienced. I have seen, heard and felt the best and what for me felt like the worst of what life can offer, and as I look back today I realise that I wouldn’t change a thing! I have grown in strength, resilience and personality and learnt huge lessons, and the connecting factor is simple, it’s the people I have met along the way.


So many new people have joined my life and filled a need or taught me something, I truly believe it is no co-incidence that we meet the people we do. I love the saying people enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Those chance meetings in my everyday life often make me smile…. You meet someone one day and you connect and find out what they do, the very next day a need for that comes up. There is a reason.


Some people have entered my life over the four years and I thought they might be around forever and was sad when they disappeared, but it is from these experiences I have grown and learnt the most, I realise now I am a better person for knowing them even though it may have been hard at the time.


I also know that in work and in life I have met some amazing people that I hope will be with me for my lifetime, I have brilliant friends and mentors, and they continue to make me smile and laugh as well as teach me life lessons, they grow with me.


Today, I am more confident, assured and relaxed about what the future might hold, and the key to this is to always be curious, learn the lessons you are supposed to learn and appreciate all who come into your life, however long they may stay its meant to be.


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