Survey results: how well does your organisation deliver change?

Curium | 09 May 2017 | News | General News

Harvard Business Review says that organisational change projects have a 60-70% failure rate. We want to find out if that statistic is backed up by the experience of UK organisations. How well does your organisation deliver change?

Are project benefits and risks defined and articulated? Does your organisation suffer from change fatigue? Are change projects aligned to strategic goals? Leadership, project management skills, communication: what factors are most important to achieving change?

“We all know that change is a constant occurrence for today’s organisations, but the speed and effectiveness of its delivery varies hugely by company and sector. What makes one organisation better equipped or more responsive to change than another?”

“Given the pace and scale of change being undertaken by many organisations, we think the time is right to investigate how they are leading, delivering and sustaining change, and ensuring that change programmes deliver payback,” said Curium Solutions’ Managing Director Andy Dawson.

We will be revealing the results of our survey this week! To receive the results, please contact us.

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