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Curium | 27 Mar 2015 | News | General

If I could sum up my week with one word it would have to be educational. I have found my week so educational as I have learnt so many new things that I would have never got the chance to learn if I was in school. I have experienced many things such as listening to meetings, being involved in conference calls, visiting other businesses and even learning how to juggle!

From working with Curium over the past week, I have seen what it is like to be part of a team and I have seen how close everyone in Curium is. I have learnt that the secret to true teamwork is communication, trust and being in a safe environment to learn. Curium provide these three key features effectively in their office and in all of their staff. This information is very useful to me as it means that I can use it in the real world. For example, I am doing a Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend and lots of teamwork will be required to do things such as making fires and building our tents. To do this as efficiently as possible we will work as a team as we have good communication, we are in a safe environment to learn and we trust each other.

Working with Curium over the past week has been very insightful into what it is like to work in the real world. I have had a brilliant time working with Curium and I’d love to return one day in the near future.

Lawson Pugh, Arden School, Year 10

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