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We have had the pleasure of working with Winvic’s ’future leaders’ who are a group of professionals that lead small teams or projects and are very much seen as leaders in their industry, leaders of the future. Some of whom were promoted into leadership roles while on the program ‘Voyage’ which is designed and delivered by Curium Solutions.

What is Voyage?

To be selected by Winvic for this program means you have been identified as a future leader with the potential to make an impact on the business and those you manage and/or mentor. Winvic, a construction company with over 500 employees, are known to invest in their people. This workshop was specifically designed for these young and novice leaders to give them the best start and empower their potential.

Voyage is a collection of seven separate journeys. Each of the one-day workshops aims to build and develop a different skill that is essential to leaders. Throughout the program, each participant receives one-to-one coaching sessions and partake in peer coaching practice with each other.

The voyage is built up of 7 journeys.

  1. Set up for success.
  2. Orientation for self-awareness.
  3. ‘Setting a course’ the psychology of goal achievement.
  4. Building resilience.
  5. Building team foundations.
  6. Inspiring high performance.
  7. And ‘Personal Brand.’

Starting in September 2022, this group have shown up for themselves and more importantly, in support for one another. Hosted by Jo Rix and James Yapp, the group worked meticulously through their own styles of learning, communication and feedback, the impact this has on others and how to utilize this for maximum impact. By doing so, they can improve team dynamics and output.

The graduation is a culmination of all their work, in addition to the voyage learning, the group take part in, they had to through projects over the course of that period such as community engagement and bringing younger people into the Winvic workforce.

Effectively, to get to graduation after all the workshops are completed, the participants then present their learning to the board of directors, the owners, and head of marketing.

They delivered three presentations effectively in total. Two group presentations and one individual presentation for 5 minutes on what they have learned, the sections of the program they valued most, what they put into practice and what the results have been.

The future leaders made commitments to themselves on what they will do with what they learned, they make commitments to others, how they will mentor, coach, develop their teams or indeed their next cohort, a voyage which will start later this year.

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What essential skills do you get from going through the voyage?

The group learn to talk about how they care for themselves, how they care for the team, and how they connect with the business. In addition to how they look after their own mental well-being and handling stress.

We mentor them about dealing with difficult situations, controlling your emotions under pressure so that you can deliver a consistent message to your team and work on developing their ‘personal brand’ and how that how you come to the business and to others. It’s a focus on them, the people. How they can impact their lives and not just their team but influence upwards to their seniors.

The key is how we have supported the groups with mindset reframing. Based on the initial feedback from this group, the top 3 recurring take-aways they noted are Self-awareness, resilience, and coaching skills.

Jo Rix, Head of coaching here at Curium and facilitator of the Voyage since September 2022 said: “The 14 individuals have all learnt and grown hugely at their own pace, not only have they learnt tools and techniques to develop leadership skills, but they have also learned behaviours to support their future leadership journey.

It was clear to see that they were implementing some of the material with their teams. We continued to observe their confidence growing when they see the results of this and how the shifts in their teams were making an impactful change.”

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How do we reinforce learning?

Curium produces an evaluation from all the participants on what they have developed during the program, and we held a review meeting with the board of Directors based on what they’ve seen on graduation day.

Feedback from the individuals who took part was extremely positive, having great effects on not only their work life, but personal life and experiences too.

Following graduation, the graduates will continue to level up their learning in further workshops.

James Yapp, a facilitator of the Winvic voyage journey said, “I thought they absolutely owned the day, they didn’t wait to be told what to do. They owned that session in front of the board and that is a big, big step for a new leader.

They communicated well with the group, not just what they said, but how they said it.

Their communication skills were excellent, all of them took something different from the session. What was really impressive was that they all had solid evidence of what they’d already put into practice and how it had impacted on them and the business.”

To conclude, the voyage has instilled a bond throughout the course of the six journeys, and over time with a close bond of more senior leaders in the business/industry, you’re going to see this collaboration and support network have really positive effects on how the busies works internally.

James adds “Future leaders in Winvic will always have each other’s backs, that’s as big a takeaway for me. They Developed individually but developed more as a group.”

Jo commented on the team dynamic saying, “It’s lovely to get to know the team on an individual basis through 121 sessions and I wish them all the best for the future. A very connected group, the connection they had was lovely. This was one of our objectives; for them to grow together.”

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Winvic Voyage Journey.

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